Why Choose Barbaro Brothers Butchers?

A: Since 1987, Barbaro Brothers are renowned in the neighbourhood for giving our customers the best quality products, service and advice. We slice your cuts to your specific requirements and provide advice on complimentary marinades, preparation techniques, and accompanying sides and dishes. We provide you with the same premium cuts that we put on our own dinner table.

Devotion to quality and range, strong family values, and giving back to our community is what we’re all about.

Where do Barbaro Brothers Source their meat?

A: We grow all of our Beef and Lamb products on our own family farm. This has been the point of difference for us, it enables us to keep the standards and quality to the highest level right down to growing our own feed for our animals, this is something we are very proud of! We source our pork and poultry from local farmers with the same values as us!

How Do I Buy Steak?

A: We cut all of our steaks to your requirements! Simply select your desired steak and thickness and our butchers will cut to order.

What Is The Best Type Of Steak?

A: It all comes down to personal preference, as far as tenderness goes the Eye Fillet is the most tender although, being so lean some find it lacks in flavour. My personal favourite would be the scotch fillet, still very tender but with a nice marble through the middle giving it that beefy flavour while keeping the steak juicy. If you’re a steak connoisseur, ask us about our Dry Aged Tomahawks!

How to Cook the perfect steak?

A: Below is an estimated cooking guide for cooking steak. Note: These times are based on using a medium to high heat on a BBQ and are for “Each Side”. Don’t forget salt and a dash of olive oil before cooking!

Thickness           15mm              20mm                   25mm                     30mm
Rare                    2 mins             2.5 mins                 3 mins                    3.5 mins
Medium             2.5 mins          3 mins                    3.5 mins                 4.5 mins
Well Done          3 mins             4 mins                    4.5 mins                 6 mins

**Please note this is a guide and can vary depending on the heat of your bbq and the size of the steak

Can I Buy Beef In Bulk And Stock The Freezer?

A: Yes you sure can! Our products are fresh every day are suitable to be frozen in bulk. Feel free to place an order over the phone so we can minimise the waiting time for you! (Please allow 1-2 Days’ notice for large bulk orders)

What Are The Best Cuts Of Lamb?

A: It’s hard to go past a nice french cutlet on the BBQ, Visit our Recipes page for a delicious marinated lamb cutlet recipe! Or looking for a winter warmer? Try one of our Oven Bag Lamb shoulder roasts, all seasoned and ready to go straight in your oven… leaving no mess!

What is the secret to a good pork crackle?

A: Who doesn’t love a juicy crackling pork roast! Dry the skin using a paper towel, rub in a dash of olive oil and plenty of salt!! Preheat your oven to 220*c and cook for approximately 15 minutes @ 220*c, then reduce to 160*c and cook for 60mins per kg uncovered or 68* internal using a thermometer.

Tips for the perfect cooked roast?

A: A thermometer is your best friend! The general rule for cooking roasts is 60mins per kg, though using a thermometer is the most reliable method and takes all of the guess work out for you! We recommend cooking at 160-170*c, with an internal core temperature of 65-68*c for beef & lamb and 70*c for poultry. Ideally covered for the main duration and uncovered the last 20 minutes

Tell us about Barbaro’s award-winning Sausages?

A: The key to making an award-winning sausage is keeping everything as fresh as possible, we use only the freshest and local ingredients to complement the quality of the meat which brings out the flavour in the finished product. Our ingredients are weighed with each batch and not done by eye which ensures a consistent full flavoured sausage! Visit our Awards section to view our proud achievements!