Our Family Farm

After several years, we reached a fork in the road that changed everything.

With our business thriving, we were determined to stay true to our values. We looked for ways to
take our products to the ultimate level. After going through several different wholesalers of
inconsistent quality, we made a decision.

What better way to ensure quality from start to finish than to buy and manage our own farm?
We bought the Mogumber Farm in 2010 after Raff took on sole management, and we’ve never
looked back since. Located north of Perth near Bindoon, the farm produces all of our beef and lamb products. It’s a well-maintained area that allows our cattle to thrive on their own accord.

Our success lies in our high standards, as part of a foolproof three-step process:

  1. Strict adherence with breeding requirements at all times
  2. Providing a perfect feeding mix of local, hormone-free natural wheat, barley, and oats
  3. Treating our animals with the utmost care and respect

Every step is vital to maintaining quality, and we are wholeheartedly devoted to our work. Our
chickens are purchased from a nearby local supplier in Bindoon who share the same genuine, home-grown values as us.