Barbaro’s Catering

Barbaros Catering goes hand-in-hand with our premium quality meat products. We sure do boast a lot about our culinary skills, and what better way to prove ourselves than to cook your roast meal for you?

From our wide, delectable range of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken come to our crowd-pleasing dishes. These include honey & macadamia nut seasoned chickens, mouth-watering pork crackle, and unmissable pulled pork delights.

Barbaros will cook you the most irresistible roasts that will make your next event shine! Simply sit back and enjoy the feast, while we handle the rest.

We cater all year round for all the major events like Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Australia Day, and Easter. Please note that we only accept orders taken over the phone or in person.


ROAST BEEF: For that traditional roast, try our rolled blade (shoulder) of beef. Trim, tender, and tasty.

ROAST PORK ( PORCHETTA ): Moist and tender rolled and seasoned loin of pork with our mouth-watering crackle.

ROAST LAMB: Boneless leg seasoned, netted to maintain its shape on slicing this moist and tender roast.

ROAST CHICKEN: Whole rolled boneless chicken, beautifully tender, with your choice of seasonings:
Traditional Herbed Breadcrumb, Spinach & Ricotta, or Honey & Macadamia Nut.

Serving Size: For whole roasts, we recommend 300g pp raw weight. Example: 20 people = 6kg raw
weight prior to cooking @ $30.00 per kg. Total cost including cooking = $180.00

Note* This is simply a guide and you are welcome to alter quantities of whole roasts to allow for guests & other foods to suit your requirements!


This is the ideal option to complement salads and sides. Leave the cooking and carving to us, and
you can enjoy the delightful feast!

The package includes your choice of beef, pork, lamb, or chicken, cooked to perfection and layered in
your choice of gravy or stock. Provided beautifully presented in a tray, ready to heat and eat!

Cost: $120.00 per tray, approximately 2.8 kg. 15/20 servings. See Below for Gravy & Coleslaw!


No party would be complete without a Barbaros’ famous tender pulled pork. We cook the meat
gently for 10 hours, shred and smother in a BBQ sauce. Compliment this with a tray of our coleslaw to get the taste buds going!


A 10 Hour “Low & Slow” Brisket, Shredded for a full-flavoured, Juicy & Tender roast beef for everyone to enjoy!


A Tender cut of Boneless lamb leg, Seasoned, Roasted and Sliced for a hassle-free, delicious roast lamb!


A Delicious Roast Chicken, Stuffed with Our Traditional Herbed Breadcrumb stuffing, sliced and layered in gravy to maintain a juicy, tender roast chicken. ( Please note only traditional breadcrumb stuffing is available sliced )


Coleslaw: $20.00 per tray

Gravy: $7.00 a tub

Bread rolls: $1.40 each (Available Saturday’s Only)

Phone Orders Welcome! Call us on 9247 4244 or come in today to place your orders! Also, Visit us on the Facebook page for some inspiration.