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It’s nice to know where your meat comes from.
We’re proud to say that over many years as an award-winning West Australian Family Butcher, we’ve forged strong, long-standing relationships with just about all of our suppliers. Some go back nearly three decades. It’s these long-term, loyal partnerships with companies who share similar values, that allow us to constantly deliver the highest quality produce. Try our range of premium meats and visit our local butcher shop for fresh meats in Perth.


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Barbaro’s Catering

From our wide, delectable range of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken comes our crowd-pleasing dishes. These include honey & macadamia nut seasoned chickens, mouth-watering pork crackle, and unmissable pulled pork delights.

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Our Family Farm

With our business thriving, we were determined to stay true to our values. We looked for ways to take our products to the ultimate level. After going through several different wholesalers of inconsistent quality, we made a decision.

What better way to ensure quality from start to finish than to buy and manage our own farm?

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