Introducing Barbaro Butchers’ $129 BBQ Pack: A Feast for the Grill!


Barbaro Butchers is thrilled to present our newest offering tailored for BBQ enthusiasts – the $129 BBQ Pack! Designed with the ultimate BBQ experience in mind, this pack brings together a delectable assortment of premium meats that are sure to impress at your next outdoor gathering.


What’s Inside the $129 BBQ Pack?


1 kg BBQ Sausages: Our succulent BBQ sausages are seasoned to perfection, offering a blend of flavors that will satisfy every palate.


1 kg BBQ Steak: Tender and juicy, our BBQ steak is ideal for grilling, delivering a rich, meaty flavor with every bite.


1 kg Italian Sausages: Infused with traditional Italian spices, these sausages bring a taste of Italy to your BBQ spread.


1 kg Lamb Cutlets: Delicate and flavorful, our lamb cutlets are a gourmet addition that elevates any BBQ feast.


1 kg Pork Chops: Juicy and tender, our pork chops are perfect for grilling and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


1 kg Chipolatas: These mini sausages are packed with flavor and are great for snacking or as a side dish.


1 kg Hamburgers: Made from premium beef, our hamburgers are juicy and delicious, offering a classic BBQ favorite.


1 pk Cevapcici (Gourmet Skinless Sausages): These gourmet skinless sausages are seasoned with a unique blend of spices, providing a gourmet touch to your BBQ menu.



Why Choose Barbaro Butchers’ BBQ Pack?

Quality Guaranteed: At Barbaro Butchers, we take pride in offering only the highest quality meats. Our $129 BBQ Pack is made from premium cuts that are carefully selected and sourced from trusted suppliers.


Value for Money: Priced at just $129, our BBQ Pack offers exceptional value, giving you a generous selection of meats at an affordable price.


Convenience: With a variety of meats included in one pack, planning your BBQ menu has never been easier. Simply grab a pack and you’re ready to grill!


Order Your $129 BBQ Pack Today!

Ready to elevate your BBQ game? Don’t miss out on this amazing offer from Barbaro Butchers! Order your $129 BBQ Pack today and treat yourself to a feast of premium meats that will make your BBQ gatherings truly unforgettable.


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